Sierra Club Endorsements for National, State and Local Elections November 2016
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Know where, when, and how to vote: October 20 – November 5: Early voting period. November 8: General Election Day. To find a polling place for Early Voting: Visit www.ncsbe.gov/webapps/os_sites or call 919-733-7173 To find your polling place for Election Day: Visit www.ncsbe.gov/webapps/pollingplace_search or call 919-733-7173 This election, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Make sure you cast your vote for the environment.
We need your help to let your friends and family know about our endorsed candidates and to encourage them to vote all the way down the ballot. 15% of voters in presidential election years only vote at the top of the ticket and don’t vote for judges and local elected officials. We also need volunteers to help us hand out our endorsement cards at the polls for early voting and election day, as well as volunteers to call our members and supporters to make sure they vote. If you can help or have questions, please contact Judy Mattox at judymattox@sbcglobal.net or 828-683-2176.