The WENOCA Group is pleased to offer the outings listed below. Our outings are open to both members and non-members. Come join us for a nice hike in the woods.

Note: All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver. Prospective participants under the age of 18 will require a signature from a parent or guardian. If you would like to read the waiver before you choose to participate in an outing, refer to the national Sierra Club website.

UPCOMING HIKES. These hikes are led by our new outings leader, DAVID REID, as well as by LISA MCWHERTER. (Please note that David’s hikes that are coming up are Moderately strenuous or strenuous, so there’s more variety to choose from.) Jane Laping offers easy “Walks in the Woods” (see below). Upcoming Hikes:

SATURDAY, Nov 14 – Hike to Lookout Mtn at Montreat – Via the Lookout Mountain & Rainbow Rd Trails. Meet in Asheville at 10:00 a.m. & return around 5:00 p.m. Moderate/Easy hike, approx 5.5 miles on this loop hike. We will start by going up hill on the pretty Lookout Mtn Trail, going to the rock outcrops which offer some beautiful vistas of neighboring mountains. The trail is a steep toward the top; recommend hiking poles & good footwear. Then the hike will follow the Rainbow Rd Trail, which provides a more gradual descent. There will be learning opportunities regarding the impact of the loss of hemlocks on the streams, along with some information on conservation. This hike is for experienced hikers, or one can contact the hike leader with questions/concerns. All hikers please RSVP to hike leader Lisa McWherter at lisamcw2@gmail.com or 828-713-4994.

 SATURDAY, Dec 19 – Hike to the top of John Rock. Meet in Asheville at 10:00 & return around 5:30. Moderate/Easy Loop hike, approx 5 miles long, with elevation gain at approx 1000 ft. This is a beautiful area to hike through. Near the top there is a large smooth rock outcrop, which offers a nice view of the surrounding area, including Looking Glass Rock. It also offers a lovely waterfall which is on an optional side-trail. There will be learning opportunities related to fragile stream habitat & on some indicators of water purity. This hike recommended for experienced hikers, or talk with hike leader. Please RSVP to hike leader Lisa McWherter at lisamcw2@gmail.com or 828-713-4994.

 Sunday, Jan 3 – Hike Dupont’s Cedar Rock & Burnt Mtn Trails. Meet in Asheville at 10:00 and return around 5:30. This hike’s terrain is mostly Easy, with a little moderate. Distance approx 5.5 miles round trip. This hike starts on Corn Mill Shoals trail, then to Burnt Mtn trail, which offers some interesting rocky areas. Back via Little River trail, and then to the top of Cedar Rock. There we’ll have some great rock outcrops & nice views of the surrounding mountains. Learn about the history of this area & how it came to be designated as park land; also about an adjacent area that is a super fund site. Due to the distance, this hike recommended for experienced hikers or well-conditioned folks (or contact hike leader about it).  Please RSVP to hike leader Lisa McWherter at lisamcw2@gmail.com or 828-713-4994

“A Walk in the Woods” Series, Led by Jane Laping

If you are unsure if you can hike 3 miles or just want to get out for some exercise, you can test your stamina on one or all of a series of walks in natural areas. The first three walks will be on level surfaces with little to no elevation gain. We will learn about aquatic habitat, migrating birds, and wetlands on these walks. Wear good walking shoes. Contact hike leader Jane at janelaping @sbcglobal.net or 828-277-7342.

Nov 14. 10:00 AM Beaver Lake in N. Asheville. 2 mile walk almost around lake. Slight, short incline on paved or gravel path. Optional half-mile walk through the bird sanctuary on a boardwalk.

Dec 12. 10:00 AM Fletcher Community Park. 2 & 1/2 mile walk on fine gravel and pavement. Follows a creek and is flat.