Need Your Help with Buncombe County Commission 100% Energy Resolution

October 30th, 2017
By Deborah

We spend much of our time fighting to protect our environment from bad laws and weakening of regulations. Now is an opportunity to fight for something good. We are asking the Buncombe County Commission to vote on moving to 100% renewable energy by 2030 for the county government’s energy needs. The initial vote failed to pass. We need your help if you live in Buncombe County. First we need you to contact our county commissioners and urge them to vote in favor of this initiative. Phone calls are the most effective. Tell them that voting for this will be good for the environment, will save the county money in the future, and will help the county recruit new businesses who are looking for a location with clean energy. Thank Brownie and Jasmine for sponsoring this initiative and let the others know they need to vote in favor.
You can contact the commissions at:
Brownie Newman – Chair and sponsor of the initiative -Email: , 828-243-0107
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara – District 1 – Email: – (828) 250-4004
Al Whitesides – District 1 – Email: – 828-273-6427
Mike Fryar – District 2 – Email: – (828) 250-4007
Ellen Frost – District 2 – Email: – (828) 275-8662
Joe Belcher – District 3 – Email: – (828) 250-4008
Robert Pressley – District 3 – Email: – (828) 215-2077

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