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Oct 29, EPA Citizens Climate Hearing

The Asheville City Council voted yes on a major clean energy resolution at their Oct 22, 2013 meeting.Duke Energy’s Asheville Coal Plant is the largest single source of climate disrupting pollution in Western North Carolina. This vote called for the … Continue reading
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Nov. 6 meeting: Buncombe County reducing carbon footprint by 80%

Sierra Club Nov 6: “Buncombe Ct. reducing carbon footprint by 80%”   Sierra Club will present on Wed, Nov 6 at 7 pm:  Buncombe County Commissioner Brownie Newman speaking about plans for Buncombe County to reduce its carbon footprint by 80%.  Come learn about theplans and what you can do … Continue reading
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Prep for Oct. 2 meeting

See Dot Sulock’s excellent paper on Energy for Planet Earth NRC hearing information
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